Your Power Packed Imagination

“From the depths of Stillness IDEAS are born.
IMAGINATION gives them form.”
Linda Lucy Haines

Do your inner work FIRST – very important for laying a firm foundation on which to build the outer, step by step; and for empowered moving forward with a successful outcome.

Your inner Thought Feeling Imagination are each powerful components on their own for your good (or not, if down putting). When they are aligned and working in harmony together they create an even more powerful synergy, which is Limitless.

This harmonious synergy strengthens and expands your inner belief; which then influences your outer attitude, words and actions, as you move forward along your chosen pathway of life-affirming better better everything ………
You are equipped for the terrain of the journey.

I am now going to talk about your power-packed imagination and how, when used rightly, it can magnify and imprint on your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs; resulting in a paradigm shift attuned to the frequency of least effort.

You are then also attuned to life-affirming flow in the outer; enabling you to express and act from your point of Power Within, instead of your scattered perimeter.

Remember – inner work FIRST.

When you are using your imagination for a Vision, intention or goal, visualise and FEEL the desired result as if it already is in real time NOW. The feeling aspect is very important for imprinting on your subconscious mind and for establishing a success mindset that sustains and empowers you on your journey.  Always keep your focus on your Vision. The dots between will connect to give it form.

Visualise. Affirm. FEEL. Practise an attitude of gratitude. Be aware of the daily serendipity synchronicities that assure you the Universe has your back.

Be discerning about where and what you give your time and energy to. Release that which no longer serves you and your Vision. Appreciate and enjoy simplicity. Smile, often.

Can you imagine and feel the new you … sparking and firing on all 4 cylinders?

Linda Lucy Haines
Motivational Speaker | Writer | Mentor | Coach