Global Harmony Together

Language Of The Heart

What is the language of interconnectedness?

The language of the heart.

The language of the heart is the language for present times.
It is a universal language.
It answers the soul cry of the heart of humanity.
It embraces diversity and nurtures onesness.

We are tuned into the language of the heart, when we express as acts of love, compassion, kindness; and goodwill, understanding, respect.
The effect is harmonising and uplifting, for both the giver and receiver. The heart-to-heart exchange of energy ripples outwards, harmonising those around us.

The heart energy of love is the highest vibration.
We have the power of choice... at any given time. We can choose... to live in harmony together.
It begins within us... within you...and within me.

Like musicians... with diverse instruments in an orchestra...
we can play in harmony together
Willingness... is the key
Love... the conductor
Peace... the music."

Linda Lucy Haines