Are You Firing on All Four Cylinders?

The SPARKING STORY – INTRODUCTION and Part ONE by Linda Lucy Haines


  1. Q) How do I start Sparking when my spark feels sparkless?
    A) Your spark is always there – flip the switch ON, and get yourself firing on all 4 Cylinders.
  2. Q) How do I flip the ON switch?
    A) I am going to share with you now, a simple secret at the base of the pinnacle of your game of life.

When I say “simple”, initially it may not be easy … because you are rewiring your thinking, establishing a new mindset, and creating life-affirming neural pathways … so follow below carefully and read with your heart as well as your mind.

What I am about to share is a foundation principle and your constant companion on your life journey along the path of better better everything.

You already have IT. You already are IT.

IT is just waiting for you to be consciously aware of, connect with, and express as, IT.
When you do so, all 4 Cylinders are firing in rhythm together and in harmony with the flow of life.

Your “Four Cylinders of Wellbeing” are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
When you feel like you’ve lost your spark, and one or more of your Cylinders isn’t firing, you need to reconnect to be back in the flow.

Here’s how ……


Firstly … think of, and feel yourself as a limitless power-packed superbeing with extraordinary potential waiting to be realised, activated and expressed through your unique qualities, gifts and talents.

EVERYTHING you have experienced and done up to this point has been a learning curve; and in hindsight you’ll see how all the dots connect, as preparation for this point in time.

Lessons learned. Wisdom gained.
Let the crap go . Retain the gold in the crucible of your life.

FROM THIS POINT ON you can be a new creation, expressing better and better … through your unique qualities, gifts and talents … as the limitless Genius Potential you were born with.

Only you can put a stop on this – no circumstance, no other person, only you and your beliefs about  yourself.

YOUR JOURNEY along the path of better better everything begins with two power-packed words “I Am”.

“I Am” is your sacred spiritual name which, when used rightly, connects you beyond the limits of your personality, to the limitless power within you … I Am … your Genius Potential.

Now, here’s YOUR INNER WORKOUT for the next 7 days …

1)  BE the watchdog of your thoughts. Endeavour to attach only positive life-affirming thoughts and words to “I am ……….”

2)  OBSERVE how your energy level fluctuates according to whether your thoughts and words are
(a) life-affirming or (b) down-putting.

3)  HOW do you feel emotionally, according to (a) or (b) above?

EVERYTHING is energy/vibration.
Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words and actions create vibrations with a like frequency, which becomes your outer reality over a repetitive period of time.

If you don’t like your outer reality, raise the bar … attune to a higher frequency.
“I am ……….” used rightly, is the starting point.

4)  BRING SOME JOY into your inner workout … treat it like a polarity game
You are practising raising the bar, rising up to a higher frequency that enhances your personality and strengthens the inner you … so you are invincible, empowered and energized; focused and more productive, with greater efficacy.

The FIRE IN YOUR BELLY has started to spark; accelerating and propelling you forward on your journey, along the path of better better everything.

To be continued …..

PART TWO of THE SPARKING STORY – I’ll share with you … “The Power of the Polarity Twins”.

Until then, remember –
Observe …
Be aware …
Bring joy …

As you observe, your awareness grows. And so do you!

See you again, soon …. with PART TWO of THE SPARKING STORY …

Linda Lucy Haines
Motivational Speaker | Writer | Mentor | Coach