The Importance of Triple Alignment

Hello. Greatest Love to you all.

Today we are going to talk about the power-packed trio of Thought Feeling Imagination, which when aligned and working together in harmony create a better You, a better Team, a better World, a better Everything … better and better.

It is not sufficient to just be positive thinking.

When will and imagination are in conflict, imagination wins. Emile Coue, known as the Father of Auto-suggestion, knew and said this early last century.

The same goes for thought and feeling – if you affirm something but feel the opposite, the feeling wins.

The conflict is a result of deep-seated subconscious beliefs from past outer conditioning. If your subconscious beliefs about yourself aren’t aligned with what you are endeavouring to change in your life, then self-sabotage takes place.

The secret is realising that your perception is pivotal.

Instead of looking outwards through the limiting fear-of-failure eyes of your personality – turn your focus inwards and connect with the Power Within you, the I AM which is the Genius Potential you were born with; as well as the Blueprint of Wellbeing and all you desire to express as, in your fullness. This is the true you. IT already IS, is changeless, and is unaffected by the outer conditioning of your past.

When connected with your point of Power Within, you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, the willingness to give it a go, and the intuitive knowing and belief that I CAN because I AM.

This is where you need to affirm from, feel from, and imagine/visualise from.

In the process, subconscious disempowering past beliefs are nullified and transformed into empowering life-affirming beliefs; which then align your inner work with supportive outer expression, action and accelerated moving forward along the path of better better everything.

Each step forward is a learning curve. Progressively you feel inwardly stronger; plus more resilient, flexible, adaptable and innovative.

You’ll comprehend how all this ties together by re-reading THE SPARKING STORY Parts ONE and TWO.

With practise you’ll find yourself centred and living more and more from your point of Power Within, outwards … instead of your energy scattering, disempowering perimeter.

Part FOUR of THE SPARKING STORY – I’ll be sharing in depth about “Your Power-Packed Imagination”.

Until then, go well and happy sparking 🙂

Linda Lucy Haines
Motivational Speaker | Writer | Mentor | Coach