The Power of the Polarity Twins

The Polarity Twins are –

When you catch yourself out attaching disempowering, down-putting thoughts and words to “I am” …. smile to yourself   “aha – got you !” Then say to yourself any of these —

“This has no power over me!”
“This is not the truth about me!”

You have now flipped the switch ON.
These Nullifications take the power away from disempowering false beliefs about your true self; and create a vacuum for the empowering, life-affirming opposite to fill.

What you focus on you give power to, and at the same time you programme your subconscious mind accordingly; which then determines your self-image!

Affirm the OPPOSITE to what you said, and nullified – e.g. “I am ……. NOW.”

Affirm in the present tense of NOW, as if it already IS. Your subconscious mind is non-discerning and accepts what you think and say as being a command in the real time of NOW.

My favourite Affirmation is …. “I CAN! because I AM”

One last tip … on a daily basis I suggest … before you go to sleep at night, and when you first wake up in the morning (your subconscious mind is especially receptive at these times) … silently affirm to yourself 20 times Emile Coue’s famous

Affirmation –
“Every day, in every way, I am better and better.”
And so it is. After the 20 times remember to say “Thank you!”

If you go to sleep saying this Affirmation, it doesn’t matter as your subconscious mind is working on it while you sleep.

So here we are now, in harmony together … SPARKING!

Next week … THE SPARKING STORY – Part THREE … I’ll be sharing “The Importance of Triple Alignment.”

Smiles and Joy until then …

Linda Lucy Haines
Motivational Speaker | Writer | Mentor | Coach